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Firstly I would like to welcome everyone to my A –Z of color Psychology. Design tips I hope you can take away with you to help create your perfect environment, your desired surroundings. A space where you and your loved ones can begin every day in a beautiful, positive and energized way.
There are so many varying shades, depths, strengths and tones of each and every color before they are even met with an individual’s own perception and interpretation. So these notes on color are from a general point of view and my personal experience of them. Take from it what you may find helpful for your own personal design and taste, allow me to guide you to use your own intuition on what colors inspire you.
The Myth of Phaeton, a very beautiful story of the origins of amber.
The myth of Phaeton depicted here in one of the small reliefs is eminently suitable for an amber piece. In Ovid's version of the story, Phaeton was the son Apollo, the sun-god, whom he asked to drive his chariot of the sun across the heavens. Apollo yielded and Phaeton was too weak to check the horses, and plunged so near to earth that he almost set it on fire. Zeus therefore had to kill him with a flash of lightning, so that he fell into the river Eridanus. His mourning sisters wept so much that they were metamorphosed into poplars, and their tears turned into amber. (LOVE THAT STORY J)
This story is depicted in a small motif in this GORGEOUS amber backgammon board found in the V & A Museum.
Now to view it in our everyday surroundings. Often people will wear amber because it has both healing qualities and pain relief. There are many beautiful amber jewellery pieces around.
The earthy feel of amber and oranges brings warmth into your homes. Its vibrancy is uplifting and brings out a confident energy.
PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINING ROOMS because it stimulates both your mental and physical energies, encouraging both your appetite and conversation with dinner guests.
Above is a stunning fabric design by Robert Allen called ‘home lattice bamboo in Amber’, how beautiful for your upholstered dining chairs, drapes or if your daring enough WALLPAPER !!!
Why not treat yourselves to Nina Campbell’s STUNNING glass tumblers in Amber?
This Fink Jug has a striking sleek design with the earthy warmth of the amber shades.
Amber is such a beautiful colour for your home. I have introduced a two shade of amber into my igloo range, both Peach and Tangerine.
Peach Stone Wall cushion design. Handmade in Australia using European linen, chenille and wool. 100% feather inserts, just perfect !
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