Heat Pack w Wheat & Pure Essential Oils – Art: Fish Net & Duck Egg Velvet


This Wheat Heat Pack is made from all natural textiles; cotton, linen and velvet. Pure essential oils are stirred with positive energy through the Australian wheat. Removable cover. Perfect for  your meditation, relaxation or aches.


  1. Heat
  2. Place on your body
  3. Feel the heat, smell the fragrances & drift off into relaxation

Three essential oil blends to choose from;

  1. ‘Calming lavender’
  2. ‘Bliss rejuvenation Bergamot, ginger, sandalwood & vanilla’
  3. ***NEW Relaxation by MALKA. -SUPER SPECIAL ; lavandula angustofolia, pogostemoncablin,vetiveria zizaniodes, valeriana officinalis


The incredible Aboriginal artwork screen printed onto the linen is by Kieren Karritpul, a Ngerigi wumirri artist from Nauiyu Nambiyu, Daly river region. Winner of the 2014 Youth awards. His artwork is in the collections of NGA (Canberra), MAGNT (Darwin), and Museum of Cultural History, Norway.




Art: Fish Net.

This design depicts the fish net traditionally used by the old women to catch fish & turtles from the billabongs & small creeks. From merrepen (sand palm) it is dyed in many colours from the roots, leaves & berries which the ladies collect, they then hand spun into string. This weaving is a vital tool for food supply & a treasured possession in generations past.



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